The Board comprises up to nine directors who are appointed, in accordance with sections 17 and 77 of the Primary Industries Research and Development Act 1989 (the PIRD Act), as follows:

  • The Chair is selected and appointed by the Minister
  • The Managing Director is selected and appointed by the Board on terms and conditions determined by the Board.
  • The other directors are appointed by the Minister on the nomination of a selection committee. The Minister appoints the selection committee based on the nominations of the FRDC's representative organisations.

List of current Directors

  • Mr John Williams - Chair
  • Professor Colin Buxton
  • Dr Patrick Hone - Managing Director
  • Dr Saranne Cooke
  • Dr Chris Calogeras
  • Mrs Suzanne Hullick
  • Mr Boris Musa
  • Mr Alex Ogg
  • Dr Lyndal Thorburn

Directors are selected based on their expertise in one or more of the following fields:

  • commodity production,
  • commodity processing,
  • commodity marketing,
  • conservation of natural resources,
  • management of natural resources,
  • science,
  • technology and technology transfer,
  • environmental and ecological matters,
  • economics,
  • administration of research and development,
  • finance,
  • business management
  • communication
  • government policy and public administration.

Directors are appointed for a term not exceeding three years. The Managing Director, holds office at the Board´s pleasure. All Directors other than the Managing Director are appointed on a part-time basis.

The Board engages regularly with the FRDC stakeholders: