Annual Stakeholder Planning Workshop

The FRDC’s Research Advisory Committees, Industry Partnership Agreements and Coordinating Programs continue to play a critical role in determining priorities for the FRDC. There is also a need to ensure that stakeholders from different jurisdictions, industries and sectors have opportunity to come together and discuss shared strategic needs. Each year the FRDC facilitates a Stakeholder Planning Workshop for this purpose. 

These events are often held as a two-day face-to-face workshop, however due to the COVID-19 pandemic it was necessary to run the process as a series of online focus groups and workshopping sessions.

FRDC's annual stakeholder online focus groups and workshopping sessions


The process was designed to enable participants to share their perspectives on the shared major national challenges, followed by a larger workshop to validate what was heard and explore opportunities to collaborate to address the large complex and systemic issues over the next decade.

The process used in 2021 was different, both in terms of online delivery, and experimentation with different approaches for facilitating conversation around shared systemic needs across fishing and aquaculture. Survey results during the process indicated that participants found both the process, and the nature of discussions, challenging but rewarding. 

A copy of the output of the process can be found here, which will help inform the FRDC’s Annual Operational Plan for 2022-23.

Image of FRDC's workshopping wordcloud