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The Storm Bay Research Program is a suite of FRDC research projects that will provide scientific knowledge and tools to guide sustainable management of impacts from Atlantic Salmon farming within Storm Bay. The research projects are being conducted by the Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS). The research program has been designed to respond to the recommendations of the Tasmanian Government’s Marine Farming Review Panel and will directly feed into Tasmanian Government planning and regulation of the Atlantic Salmon farming industry in Storm Bay.

Research Management

Project Manager

Heidi Mumme

The role of the Project Manager is to coordinate Project Governance (relating to the IMAS and CSIRO research suite) and provide direct reporting to the Steering Committee, against the agreed work plan on progress, achievements or challenges. The Project Manager will chair the various sub-committees, and manage consultants and communication releases to develop and ensure integration of monitoring and research, delivery of outcomes, and public reporting. The Project Manager is the key contact point between the researchers and project clients and will also be responsible for coordinating engagement between the steering committee and independent governance committee.

Independent Governance Committee

Harry Woods (Chair) and Renata Brooks.

The function of the Governance Committee is to ensure that the science conducted within the program is impartial, independent and rigorous. This will include following the FRDC project management process and ensuring rigorous scientific review.

Steering Committee

Patrick Hone (Chair), Heidi Mumme (Executive Support), Wayne Hutchinson (FRDC)

Beth Fulton (CSIRO), Catriona MacLeod (IMAS), Deidre Wilson / Graham Woods / Ian Dutton (DPIPWE), Jen Fry (TSGA), Ursula Taylor (DEP), Wes Ford (EPA)

The purpose of the Steering Committee (SC) is to provide strategic oversight and clear recommendation to the FRDC and Governance Committee for the Program of research and reporting including management and planning. The SC also reviews and evaluates research milestone reports and outputs to ensure outputs are achieved.

Technical Advisory Group

Heidi Mumme (Chair), Wayne Hutchinson (FRDC)

Adam Smark (Huon), Akira Weller-Wong (DEP), David Horner (EPA), Depha Miedecke (Petuna), Dianne Maynard (DPIPWE), Jeff Ross (IMAS), Karen Wild-Allen (CSIRO), Daniel Wild (CSIRO), Sean Riley (Tassal), Stephen Gallagher (EPA),

The purpose of the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) is to provide technical and logistical expertise and advice in relation to the suite of Storm Bay research and to provide updates against milestone objectives and outputs to the TAG and Steering Committee as required.

Research Priorities

The FRDC has funded 4 current priority projects which look at provision of the required information to sustainably manage aquaculture expansion and operations within the region of Storm in Tasmania.

Key Resources

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Coastal Environmental Modelling

CSIRO Research from CSIRO’s Coastal Environmental Modelling Team. See Current Projects for Storm Bay research. CSIRO CSIRO